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Guided by technical quality at the artistic and pedagogical level, Quorum Academy has a varied offer of classes, taught by certified teachers, covering all age groups. Registrations open all year round.


Initiation Ballet (up to 6 years)
Class suitable for all children who wants to learn the basics of dance.
Individual development of posture, coordination, balance, musicality, creativity, expressiveness and concentration, in a class full of fun.

Ballet I (from 6 years old)
Class of specific Initiation to the technique of Classical Dance, indicated for children from 6 years of age.

Ballet II (from 8 years old)

Ballet III (from the age of 10)

Ballet IV
Intermediate level class.

Ballet V
Advanced level class.

Ballet for Adults (Initiation)
This class aims to recall and deepen the foundations of Classical Dance technique for those who already have some experience, as well as to initiate students who have few or no notions of dance, regardless of age.


Pointe – Initiation
Class of initiation in Pointe technique.

Development / improvement class in point technique.


Exploring the infinite world of movement through modern and contemporary dance technique, we aim to encourage students to discover their own potential alongside the technique implied in this dance. Explore the bases of movement in an organic and simple way. This class develops Floor work, control and strengthening of the center of the body, coordination, with special focus on quality, fluidity and movement articulation.

Contemporary Kids I and II (from 6 years old)

Contemporary I ( from age 12)

Contemporary II (Intermediate Level)

Contemporary III (Advanced Intermediate Level)
Classroom for adults with some experience.

Contemporary IV (Advanced Level)
Classroom for adults with experience.

Hip Hop

A technique born in New York that is related to hip hop music and culture. It is a modality that includes several styles like breakdance, locking and popping.

Hip Hop Kids I and II (from 6 years old)

Hip Hop I, II and III (from 13 years and adults)

Tap Dance

Tap dance is a North American art / dance form, which was born in the 19th century, fruit of the miscegenation of ethnic percussive dance styles that were brought to the United States. As the rhythms became more complex and with more swing, tap dance expanded his repertoire also in terms of body movement.

Sounds, rhythms, sequences, improvisations, dance “battles”, a world of musical and rhythmic options that lead to a growing entanglement in the relationship between music and dancers.

Creative Dance

Creative Dance for People with Disabilities
Creative dance class designed for people with any type of disability.


(from the age of 11)

Through exercises done on the floor, this technique is dedicated to the development of elasticity, strength and muscular toning. Re-educate the student’s posture and body awareness. This class is suitable for any age group, with little or no knowledge in the area.


Stretching and flexibility Class. This class allows the muscles to recover their elasticity, improve the joint amplitude and the postural condition in the perspective of dance.

Quorum Project

Quorum Project aims to encourage and train students with aptitude for dance and who have goals of professionalization. The technical disciplines taught are Contemporary and Classical Ballet, allowing the student to work and develop their technical and artistic abilities. It is also composed by a choreographic workshop, in a work developed by invited choreographers quarterly, thus allowing the students the contact with different styles and proposals of movement.

The developed choreographic works are presented both in Amadora where the Academy is based and also tour in Portugal, being this performative slope of extreme importance for the project objectives.

Quorum Project works as a young dance company, with goals that go beyond those of a choreographic workshop, with levels of attendance and commitment required of its participants, as well as the search for the possibility of circulation to present the works specially created for this company . The dancers who aspire to join the cast of the Quorum Project are submitted to a cast at the beginning of each academic year.


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