Quorum Project


Quorum Project is a certified course with ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) by  Escola Superior de Dança.

Quorum Project aims to encourage and train students who have both an aptitude for dance as well as professional ambitions. The technical subjects that are taught allow students to work and develop their technical and artistic skills, as well as provide them with performing experience. In addition to the technical classes, the creative work is developed by guest choreographers, allowing students to have contact with different styles and movement proposals that are presented in performances in Portugal. They also have the opportunity to learn Choreographic Repertoire from the Quorum Ballet Dance Company. The course also includes theorical subjects such as Show Production, History of Dance, Light and Sound Design.

Quorum Project works as a pre-professional company, with high levels of attendance and commitment required from its participants. The project seeks out students who are looking for the possibility of touring and presenting the work that is created specifically for this young company.

Students also have the possibility to participate in Quorum Ballet productions as trainee dancers.

Dancers who aspire to be a part of the Quorum Project cast can audition at the beginning of each school year.

The group of choreographers who have been working on this project includes: Daniel Cardoso, Inês Pedruco, Ester Gonçalves, Pedro Jerónimo, Miguel Ramalho, Lua Carreira, Bruno Duarte, Patrícia Henriques, Claudia Nóvoa, Carolina Cantinho, Gonçalo Lobato, Margarida Belo Costa, Filipe Narciso, Jácome Filipe, Inês Godinho and São Castro. These works are presented in a show, and this performative aspect is extremely important for the objectives of the project.

Founded in 2011 as a result of a partnership between Quorum Ballet and Quorum Academy, the project has produced around 22 creations up to date and has performed in several cities in Portugal.

In 2023 we will be using a repetoire of work including pieces we premiered in 2022 as well as new work created by choreographers Bruno Duarte, Catarina Casqueiro and Goncalo Lobato, who will be working with Quorum Project.

The curriculum structure is divided into 3 major areas:

Dance Techniques – 1 Classical Dance Technique Module, 1 Contemporary Dance Technique module and 1 Body Conditioning Module

Choreographic creation and contemporary repertoire – creations of 3 guest choreographers and repertoire of the Quorum Ballet Company

Complementary studies – Show Production, History of Dance, Light and Sound Design.

We will have a solid group of professionals working with the group.

Artistic and pedagogical team:

Choreographers: Miguel Oliveira, Catarina Casqueiro, Daniel Cardoso.

Rehearsal directors: Inês Godinho, Kim Potthoff, Rui Reis.

Quorum Project Audition

Join the Quorum Project 23/24

Season 2023/2024

Artistic Direction

  • Daniel cardoso
    Daniel cardoso Artistic Director

Dancers 2023/2024

  • Carolina Cruz
    Carolina Cruz
  • Catarina Jesus
    Catarina Jesus
  • Filomena Melim
    Filomena Melim
  • Inês Ribeiro
    Inês Ribeiro
  • Íris Santos
    Íris Santos
  • Leonor Paulo
    Leonor Paulo
  • Laura Santos
    Laura Santos
  • Lydia Areces
    Lydia Areces
  • Margarida Santos
    Margarida Santos
  • Margarida Évora
    Margarida Évora
  • Mariana Simões
    Mariana Simões
  • Matilde Pinto
    Matilde Pinto

Choreographers 2019/2020

  • Rui Reis
    Rui Reis Ballet Master
  • Anabela Martins
    Anabela Martins Coordination
  • Kim Potthoff
    Kim Potthoff Rehearser and Coordination


Bruno Duarte
Carolina Cantinho
Cláudia Novoa
Catarina Casqueiro
Daniel Cardoso
Ester Gonçalves
Filipe Narciso
Gonçalo Lobato
Inês Godinho
Jácome Filipe
Lua Carreira
Margarida Costa
Miguel Ramalho
Pedro Jerónimo
São Castro

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