Quorum Project


Quorum Project aims to encourage and train students with aptitude for dance and who have goals of professionalization. The technical disciplines taught are Contemporary and Classical Ballet, allowing the student to work and develop their technical and artistic abilities. It is also composed by a choreographic workshop, in a work developed by invited choreographers quarterly, thus allowing the students the contact with different styles and proposals of movement.

The developed choreographic works are presented both in Amadora where the Academy is based and also tour in Portugal, being this performative slope of extreme importance for the project objectives.

Quorum Project works as a young dance company, with goals that go beyond those of a choreographic workshop, with levels of attendance and commitment required of its participants, as well as the search for the possibility of circulation to present the works specially created for this company . The dancers who aspire to join the cast of the Quorum Project are submitted to a cast at the beginning of each academic year.

Quorum Project Audition

Join the Quorum Project 20/21

Artistic Direction

  • Daniel cardoso
    Daniel cardoso Artistic Director and Dancer

Dancers 2019/2020

  • Ana Bento
    Ana Bento
  • Ana Branco
    Ana Branco
  • Catarina Nunes
    Catarina Nunes
  • Diogo Lourenço
    Diogo Lourenço
  • Filomena Melim
    Filomena Melim
  • Inês Brás
    Inês Brás
  • Isadora Miragaia
    Isadora Miragaia
  • João Patrício
    João Patrício
  • Laura Petitjean
    Laura Petitjean
  • Maria Viegas
    Maria Viegas
  • Maria Beatriz Aleixo
    Maria Beatriz Aleixo
  • Margarida Santos
    Margarida Santos
  • Maria Sobral
    Maria Sobral

Choreographers 2019/2020

  • Rui Reis
    Rui Reis Ballet Master
  • Anabela Martins
    Anabela Martins Coordination
  • Kim Potthoff
    Kim Potthoff Rehearser and Coordination


Bruno Duarte
Carolina Cantinho
Cláudia Novoa
Daniel Cardoso
Filipe Narciso
Gonçalo Lobato
Inês Godinho
Jácome Filipe
Margarida Costa
São Castro

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