822 Performances
since 2005
103 International Touring
performed in 20 countries
Performed in 50 cities around the world
71 cities in Portugal



Quorum Ballet® is a repertoire contemporary dance company founded in 2005 by its artistic director, resident choreographer and dancer Daniel Cardoso. In October 2007, in partnership with the non-profit association AQK – Associação Quorum Cultural and the Municipality of Amadora, it opened the Quorum Academy with dance classes open to children, young people and adults, from which the young dance company Quorum Project derived.

Quorum Ballet® has presented several pieces by Daniel Cardoso and about 15 invited choreographers have collaborated with the Company, including Itzik Galili, Xie Xin, Donald Byrd, Barbara Griggi and Thadddeus Davis. In total, more than 65 productions were created, which include choreographic works for children and young people. Of the pieces produced, we highlight the work “Correr o Fado” by Daniel Cardoso who was present in 11 countries and “Sagração da Primavera | Made in China ”premiered at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center in China, by Daniel Cardoso and the guest choreographer Xie Xin.

The rigor and professionalism of Quorum Ballet® has resulted in a frequent renewal of invitations by national and international theaters and institutions. After 15 years of work, the Company presents an average of 65 shows annually from north to south of Portugal, internationally it has been in about 18 countries including Denmark, United States, Poland, Singapore, Macau, China, Cyprus, Serbia, Ecuador, Holland, Thailand, Algeria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Romania and Finland.

International recognition has been consolidated through extremely positive reviews in several newspapers and magazines, where the artistic and choreographic quality of Quorum Ballet® once again stands out.

(2009) Award for Best Contemporary Dance Company of first edition of the Portugal Dance Awards.

Quorum Ballet has also developed a partnership with the Vaganova Academy (Kirov Ballet School), San Petersburg, entitled “From Classical to Contemporary Ballet”, the program was on national tour in 2009.

In 2009 Quorum Ballet received the award for Best Contemporary Dance Company of first edition of the Portugal Dance Awards, and in August 2011 was considered in ex aequo, the best company on stage at the 14ª edition of the Festival de Castilla y León, Spain.





international touring




cities around the world


cities in Portugal

What moves us

What makes us go forward
Manage professionally and in an international perspective, the Company's entire activity,
always having as a priority the maximization and the sustainable creation of value, striving for excellence both technical and artistic level.
The direction who guide us
Develop capabilities and capacities in order to achieve a prominent place in the international world of performing arts.
Be an inspiration and an example for future generations.
Our Values - our guidelines
Working team and team spirit with a sense of responsibility and respect for differences.
Increase value by improving artistic performance, doing more and better and assuming the new challenges that contribute to the Company's growth.
Promote creativity and spirit of initiative.
Reinforce the principles of responsibility, honesty, loyalty, straightness and justice in the daily behaviour of all.
  • Raquel Almeida
    Raquel Almeida Production
  • Cristina Cardoso
    Cristina Cardoso Financial Direction
  • Maria Dolores
    Maria Dolores Public Relations
  • Rui Reis
    Rui Reis Ballet Master
  • Rui Daniel
    Rui Daniel Technical Crew
  • Kim Potthoff Ballet Teacher
  • David Vaquinhas
    David Vaquinhas Technical Crew
  • Marco Dias
    Marco Dias Technical Crew

Guest Artists

Invited Choreographers
Including Project for Young Choreographers

António Cabrita (2011)
Barbara Griggi (2009)
Donald Byrd (2015)
Filipe Narciso (2012)
Freddie Moore (2009)
Gonçalo Lobato (2010)
Inês Godinho (2011/2015)
Iolanda Rodrigues (2007/2012)
Itzik Galili (2013)
Jacome Filipe (2015)
Jonathan Holander (2008)
Pedro Dias (2010)
Rita Galo (2008)
Thaddeus Davis (2008)
Xavier Carmo (2008)
Xie Xin(2018)

Other collaborators
Playwrights, Actors, Musicians, Composers, Scenographers and Designers

Ana Lazaro (2013/2014)
André Santos (since 2011)
Ângelo Freire (2013)
Carlos Caetano (2006/2007)
Claudio Nunes (2010)
Eduardo Basso (2007/2010)
Filipe Rebelo (2011 to 2014)
Francisco Fernandes  (2005 to 2013)
Gil Alves (2010 to 2013)
Halina Berezowska (2008/2009)
Hugo F. Matos (2009 to 2014)
Joana Melo (since 2011)
Jorge Silva (since 2005)
Jorge Van Zeller (2008/2009)
Jóse Dias (2011/2012)
Liliana Mendonça (2013)
Luis Guerreiro (2011/2012)
Maria Manuela Cardoso (2005 to 2009)
Maria Monte (2016/2017)
Mario Franco (2009)
Margarida Belo Costa (2014/2015)
Max Ciuro (since 2011)
Miguel Simões (2010 to 2013)
Pedro Alves (since 2008)
Pedro Castro (2013)
Polar Levine (2008)

Our Partners

Company supported by:

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