Dance and its reality


The Quorum Ballet presents “A Magic Journey to the World of the Dance” a piece of Daniel Cardoso, artistic director and resident choreographer of the Quorum Ballet.

This show is for children and young persons with ages of the 6 to 12 years. The Quorum Ballet will be going to take the young public in to a journey from the world of classical to contemporary dance.

We begin introducing the origins of dance in an appellative way manageable and easily understood by the young ones. In this phase children will have the opportunity of interacting with the dancers, reaching the point of being able to rise to the stage to practice danced “plays”, making the body feel and follow the rhythm of the music.

In a second phase we will pass by the world of classic dance, the most traditional dance form.

In a last phase the Quorum Ballet will be going to demonstrate the immense means that exist in the contemporary dance, which breaks with all the forms or established standards, depending on the inspiration and vocation of each choreographer.

Finally we will give the opportunity to the children to ask questions and to give their comments to the show that they had just seen.

The Quorum Ballet intends with this show to educate and bring the young ones closer to dance and of the arts in general. We intend to move and to educate the public in general, but we believe that the great priority is the children and the young ones, offering a show with the already recognized quality of the Quorum Ballet.


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography: Daniel Cardoso and Iolanda Rodrigues
Dancers: 6 dancers
Light Design: Daniel Cardoso and Carlos Arroja
Costumes: Daniel Cardoso
Photography: C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 45 minutes


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