Where everything is nothing and nothing is everything!


“Alice in Wonderland” is a work written by Lewis Carroll (pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) in 1865, and inserted in the nonsense” literary genre”.

History develops in a logic characteristic of dreams.The author used linguistic resources and mathematical riddles as a form of satire addressed both to the people of his relations and to the society of the time.

The book tells the story of Alice, a very curious girl who, chasing a rabbit, falls into her den, being transported to a fantasy world, inhabited by strange beings and where she lives fantastic adventures.

In the words of the creator, “because it`s a so complex story and out of our reality, that can fascinate anyone. It fascinated me and still fascinates me! It`s a question of possible perspectives or possible impossibilities?

Alice takes us to a fantastic world where reality is just fantasy full of values.
By the hand of mysterious and charismatic characters, Alice lives an unlimited number of adventures full of color and magic, revealing a logic of exaggerated absurdity of dreams, where time has stood for eternity.

A performance for all ages, from smaller to bigger ones, with many adventures for unravel!

I was inspired by my little sister Alice, who every day opens the doors of her extraordinary world of fantasies and adventures. Where everything is nothing and nothing is everything! As in history.

Inês Godinho (December 2012)


Artistic Director: Daniel Cardoso
 Inês Godinho
Dancers: 8 dancers
Music: Alen Menken, John Powell, Dario Marianelli, Philip Hochstrate, Simon Turner, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Danny Elfman
Scenography: Hugo Franco Matos
Light Design: Daniel Cardoso
Costumes Concept: Escola de Moda de Lisboa
Costumes Execution: Fátima Zambujo  (patrocinado por boutique Káty), Helena Pereira
Video Edition: António Cabrita
Images: Hugo Franco Matos
Texts: Inês Godinho
Voice/Narration: Pedro Pereira
Voice Sound Effects: Paulo Pereira
Sound Effects: Elson Ferreira
C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 3 years old
Duration: 50 minutes


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