A choreographic challenge for a musical work


Quorum Ballet presents “Clepsydra” – an unsophisticated object – the first and the most ancient instrument in the search of the measuring time where water was used as mediator.

Daniel Cardoso, artistic director of the Quorum Ballet and Jorge van Zeller renowned Portuguese composer present a piece of music and dance inspired by the concept of Clepsydra and the necessity of man trying to measure time.

Together, the original pieces of music with Jorge van Zeller at the guitar and Halina Berezowski at the cello, are based on five situations; the first light of day (Luce Prima), the high sun (meridian), the afternoon (vespera), the diminishing of the light (crepusculum) and darkness (noctis).

The work was adapted by Quorum Ballet to be danced in accordance with our times.


Artistic Direction and Choreography: Daniel Cardoso
Originals and classical guitar interpretation: Jorge van Zeller
Transcription for cello and interpretation: Halina Berezowska
Dancers: 4 dancers
Light Design: Carlos Arroja, Daniel Cardoso
Costumes: Daniel Cardoso
Sound: Bruno Oliveira
Photography: C. Cardoso


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 50 minutes


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