Personalities are swept away, are transmuted for survival


Sweeping up the personalities for a truly survival. The duplicity, dissimulation, the absorption of each one´s identity, of multiple identities are the mirror that reflects the most convenient facts to a lonely crowd that feeds on herself.

A hierarchy prevails over nature, each one steals the mask that suits him for this survival.

Even in moments of solitude duplicity can prevail, we want believe that this will be genuine and unique for the present situation. The authenticity is urgent, but it is increasingly distant.

Forced to run from our essence while we run at a breakneck speed for all that it was imposed by society, it`s like being in a race against time, or maybe, who knows against ourselves.

The lethargy moments are perhaps the most genuine of all.


Artistic Director and Choreography: Daniel Cardoso
Dancers: 6 dancers
Music:  Olafur Arnalds, Nu, Moderate, Hans Zimmer, Apparat

Scenic Design, Light Design and Costumes: Daniel Cardoso
Scenography: Maria Monte
Technical crew: Rui Daniel 

Photography: C. Cardoso
Ballet Master: Sandra Resende

Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 1h and 15 minutes


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