The stage is like a white canvas of our imagination onto which we try to transcribe our inner poetry, a space where we can let the unconscious suggest all of its creations. Dance with surrealist connotation can make possible to minimize control by reason, as happens in dreams, and the images follow one after then other, freely without obvious interpretations and without aesthetic or moral pretensions. A piece inspired by the dream, the improbable, a utopian future. Something impossible to achieve, but which we never give up. We stubbornly live in the dream, and the strength of resilience tells us that we are almost reaching that magical promised land. This place inhabited by Her. Always believing in the beauty of dreams, we keep in mind our main objective: the conquest of the Dream, and at the end of the road, being awaited by Her.

The comfort zone is where we know the ways, we know people and how to deal with them. Here we feel safe. But we can only learn and evolve when we leave our comfort zone; when we venture into new paths, unknown locations and uncertain destinations. This is where the Dragons await us.

A piece for all those who do not abandon their dreams and who dare to dance with dragons.


Artistic Director, Choreographer, Light Design and Scenography Daniel Cardoso
Dancers: 4 Dancers
Music: Compay Segundo, Hania Rani, Dustin O`Halloran, The National, Future Islands, Peter Hook, Stromae, Clogs
Costumes: Inês Godinho
Sound Design: Jorge Silva
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida
Photography: C.Cardoso


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 50 min


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