The stage is like the white screen where the inner poetry is transcribed


The dream is an experience that has different meanings depending on the context where we put it: Religion, Science or Culture.

In Science is the symbolic experience of the unconscious, during our sleep, ideas and images that go through the spirit of the sleeper in the form of illusion and utopia.

The stage is like a blank screen of our imagination in which we try to transcribe the poetry inside, a space where you can let the unconscious suggest all it`s creation.
The dance with surrealist connotations may allow minimising the control by the reason, as it happens in dreams, and the images come and go freely without obvious interpretations and without any aesthetic or moral aspirations.


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso 
Choreography and Concept: Barbara Griggi
Dancers: 6 dancers
Light Design: Mario Pereira, Barbara Griggi
Video: António Cabrita
Sound: Bruno Oliveira
Costumes: Manuela Tinoco
Photography: C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 40 minutes


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