A partnership between Daniel Cardoso and Freddie Moore


Healing is a piece created in a partnership between Daniel Cardoso company’s artistic director and the guest American choreographer Freddie Moore.

For a long time the man talks about oppression in the broadest sense of the word but still can not find practical solutions for this and many other problems.

Is it possible to find a solution?

With this work, the two choreographers are not intended to provide a practical solution to the problem, but to motivate the viewer in a creative way, to take a more active role in their resolution.

Together, Cardoso and Moore suggest an antidote to some of the problems in our society.


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography and Concept: 
Daniel Cardoso, Freddie Moore
Dancers: 4 dancers
Figurines and Children: Students from Quorum Academy
Music: Alberto Iglesias, James Newton, Howard Balanesco Quartet, High Light Tribe
Light Design: Vitor Cândido
Costumes and Scenography: Daniel Cardoso, Freddie Moore
Soundproofing: Bruno Oliveira
Costumes: Manuela Tinoco
Photography: C. Cardoso


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 60 minutes


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