We are in the distant year of 5023… in the distant Planet 2.1.


We are in the distant year of 5023… in the distant Planet 2.1. In an Era where humans no longer exist and only machines survived to occupy galaxies … T10 is a small robot whose life is simple: as he has no feelings or emotions all he does … is execute functions. But one day, while he cleaning the forgotten files of Planet Earth, our T10 discovers among old files something completely unknown: images of five humans.

They are: Charlie – a 19th century newsvendor, Piatã – an indigenous from Amazon who lived in the 15th century, Maurice – a butler from the earlier 20th century,  Vasquinho – a boy from Lisbon borned in 1964 and Thaís – a Greek student who was born in the 21st century. By an inexplicable trick of the cosmos the five humans are suddenly teleported in time and space to Planet 2.1 where they find T10!

In this extravagant meeting between humans and machines, T10 will be confronted with a strange characteristic that links the five strangers: everyone has emotions and feelings. And although they are from different times each one can laughs, cries and is capable of feeling anger, fear, sadness or love … Like someone who learns a new strange and imperceptible language, T10 will discover the incredible strength of emotions with his new friends and who knows how to win a heart  in an improved version of himself.

A 2.1 heart!


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography: Inês Godinho
Concept: Inês Godinho and Dancers
Texts and Narration: Ana Lázaro
Dancers: 6 dancers
Costumes: Maria Monte and Inês Godinho
Vídeo: Hugo Gomes
MusicThomas Newman; Michael Giacchino; Alexandre Desplat; Kristoffer Maddigan; Heitor Pereira; Foreigner; A-Ha; Whitney Houston; Randy Newman;.
Light Design: Inês Godinho and Rui Daniel
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida
Photography: C. Cardoso


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 40 minutes (including a short conversation with the audience)


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