Virtual freedom and solitude


Man changed and changed the world.

He turned it into a global village. He has been both the agent and the subject of change, he is the creator and the creation. All man’s actions have an impact on him.

As he was creating, man used strength mainly on the domain of technology, which generates chain reactions.

The good and the bad side of the technological effects are difficult to separate because one does not exist without the other.

Human kind has never had such means at his disposal nor has he had to face so many challenges of identity. Technological means gives us freedom but at the same time raises walls around ourselves which isolate us.

Communication is everything and is everywhere but loneliness was never so present and never was a man so far away from his kin.

On the other side we communicate more and more easily through channels than through direct human contact leading us to create fiction which can only be made possible in virtual world where possibilities are almost infinite. Once we feel part of that world where real life becomes easily virtual we are at jeopardy of confusion between the real and virtual world. The danger lies in our acting in the real world as if we were in virtual reality.

In these days we live enclosed in ourselves although we are in constant communication with the world. Never has man felt so alone….


Artistic Director, Choreography, Scenography : Daniel Cardoso
Dramaturgy: Pedro Alves
Dancers: 5 dancers
Music: Peter Gabriel, High Light Tribe, Nine Inch Nails, Rene Aubry, Gotan Project, Sigur Rós
Light Design: Daniel Cardoso, Thomas Toutain
Technical Direction: Thomas Toutain
Costumes: Daniel Cardoso
Photography: C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 1h30 (with intermission)


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