Projecto Quorum



ELE MESMO” – by Daniel Cardoso – A man. The encounter with other experiences and other ways of feeling life. The natural attraction between man and woman and the consequences of our choices. The course of a life, the selections, the choices we take and that sometimes end up leading us to origin, that is, to solitude.

NO COMEÇO” – by Daniel Cardoso
“In the beginning …” deals with the experience of how to live in a group, the relationships between man and woman and the need to return to the beginning to obtain answers.
This piece integrates the repertoire of the Quorum Ballet and has been adapted here for this young company.

WHO’S ABRAHAM” – Gonçalo Lobato – When we think of the world resulting from thinking and acting, we realize that it can not be called natural, because it is transformed and expanded by us. We have a system of meanings already established by others, found at birth, a pre- existing world of values.
We dress, eat and think, not as everyone would like to do, but as most do. It is perceived that the control systems of the society imprison the human being in a network of difficult exit. The society is a condition of the alienation in which we can be lost. Maintaining individuality within a cultural context is necessary, because by living this cultural diversity we recognize our individuality, which distinguishes us and makes us unique to society.


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