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IMPETUS” – by Filipe Narciso.
Art is the impetus that moves life. Impetus is a journey back to the human essence, to the first awakening, translated by an impulse and driven by the early movements of Man. The whole being is constituted through impetus and breathes in a more impulsive way, sometimes in a more thoughtful or simply influenced way. Life revolves around impulses that unconditionally condition each movement, thought or action, leading the human being to draw their paths and taste their own life. It is the impetus that makes them authentic, unique and magical. Cumulatively, it is they who may dictate them as cowards when commanded by greed and envy.
… It is the impetus that move us … from the beginning to our last breathe of movement.

Meus … PERSONA” – by Elson Ferreira.
A person observes his reflex to gain form and consistency in a space that allows him to have its autonomy. Curiosity and conflict will arise from the interaction of the person with his reflection, thus giving rise to its multiplication. Images as they materialize gradually begin to show various personalities, routines and different behaviors. THE PERSON will camouflage these people in search of their true identity.

GETTIN UP” – by Daniel Cardoso.
“Getting up” represents the liberation of the heavy garments of everyday life, thus definitively revealing its true essence.
This piece integrates the repertoire of Quorum Ballet and has been adapted here for this young company.


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