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“Alexei took the first bath after Tobolsk; his knee is getting better, but he can’t completely straighten it. Weather is warm and pleasant. No news from the outside.”

This was the last entry in the diary of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II.

4 days later, he would be murdered, with all his family, in the basement where they were exiled.


1. a Latin American dance of African origin, usually with several people in a single line, one behind the other.
2.a tall, narrow, low-toned drum beaten with the hands.


CONGA, used as a synonym for inconvenient location or stuck situation.

A real wild and dense thicket.

An encounter between human species, non-human or with no real existence.

A ruthless unconscious who chants Bonnie Tyler’s ‘HOLDING OUT A HERO’, as well, giving a twist, sharpening the pleasure of scratching the scalp, whispering ‘NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP’ by Ricky Astley.

‘Basically, we are all huge Villains’; quoting a prayer from our Heroes.

The important thing is to know that in CONGA there are no hierarchies.

No salvation.

If the unconscious manifests itself as this CONGA, then it will be better to start packing.

“REQUIEM” by Filipe Narciso
“I don’t know how many souls I have.
I’ve changed at every moment.
I always feel like a stranger.
I’ve never seen or found myself.
From being so much, I have only soul.
A man who has soul has no calm.
A man who sees is just what he sees.
A man who feels is not who he is.

Attentive to what I am and see,
I become them and stop being I.
Each of my dreams and each desire
Belongs to whoever had it, not me.
I am my own landscape,
I watch myself journey –
Various, mobile, and alone.
Here where I am I can’t feel myself.

That’s why I read, as a stranger,
My being as if it were pages.
Not knowing what will come
And forgetting what has passed,
I note in the margin of my reading
What I thought I felt.
Rereading, I wonder: “Was that me?”
God knows, because he wrote it.”

Translation: 1998, Richard Zenith
From: Fernando Pessoa 


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