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“My Heaven is Better Than Yours.” by LUA CARREIRA

Depending on one’s experiences, values ​​and personalities, the idea of ​​perfection, happiness and fulfillment can take different forms. This leads to an idealization of the sublime through mundane life. What goals motivate us beyond what we experience in our small reality? How do we express our pursuit of the evolution of a better life, of happiness? A reflection on the ideal of paradise in its ambiguity.

The dancers on stage claim they are in paradise. However, everyone finds themselves in divergent places and struggles to understand how it is possible to have different views of the same supreme place that represents The Whole. They are like so many other thousands of individuals who dream of an ideal of perfection. There are infinite ideals of perfection, of paradise, of heaven.

Therefore, an absolute sense of paradise cannot exist, only a human prejudice of happiness in the sea of ​​imperfection.


“Adversity will be another day of struggle. A ceremonial conflict ritual.

We blow winds of change.

We forged paths through the smoke.

We paint our cry for survival on the walls as we ecstatically celebrate our victories. We sink the stones we step on guided by a belief that holds us hostage.”


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