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“GLAM TRASH AESTETHIC” by Ester Gonçalves

In a society that aesthetic is an extremely important attribute, these 11 individuals united by the same prison universe, transformed into a colorful fashion paradise, are apparently revealed as ideals.

We spectators are on the other side of the wall, outside the box where, free, we choose what to listen, see, think, judge. We are the ones who create the universe in which these characters live. Are they a reflection of ourselves?

Total distortion of reality, or hyperbolic reality?

Inspired by Pol Kurucz’s photographic series, which portrays modern society through the exaggeration of themes that, in themselves, are overblown in human nature: stereotypes, racism, female hatred, gender and expectations of beauty. The vision of what is ideal, in fact excessively ideal, the overwhelming aesthetic effect and the dichotomy of a position of principle deepen the meaning of the images.

Distorção total da realidade, ou realidade hiperbolizada?

Inspirado na série fotográfica de Pol Kurucz, que retrata a sociedade moderna por meio do exagero de temas que, por si só, são descomedidos na natureza humana: estereótipos, racismo, ódio feminino, género e expectativas de beleza. A visão do que é ideal, aliás excessivamente ideal, o efeito estético avassalador e a dicotomia de uma posição de princípio aprofundam o significado das imagens.

“UNTOLD STORIES” by Pedro Jerónimo

One hotel room, guests that never left. What stories does this room have to tell? In ‘Untold Stories’ we go inside this hotel room and experience the different traumas from the characters still living inside it’s walls. Untold stories of murders, violence, rage, insanity and calls for help.

Explore a group of Individuals who, each with their own storylines, lived traumatic experiences that would live on to become imprinted on the walls of this hotel room. Trapped together to relieve their tragedies, these individuals confront their past, countless times. Doomed to forever wonder inside those walls, inside that room, in and out of the shadows of each other’s past traumas…


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