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“ai kUlit” by Inês Pedruco

The uniqueness of each one that adapts to the essence of the other. We begin as individual beings and fight every day to adapt to the development of society.

The importance of being able to maintain your individuality when society strives for uniformity. The conservation of our AbUt with the tenacity of our ai kUlit.

“We all Wear Skirts” by Daniel Cardoso

Life’s path may seem predetermined, but it’s essential to question whether resisting the path is necessary to remain true to oneself. In this shift, a significant change occurs where, for the first time, we choose acceptance, maintain our authenticity, and resist the temptation to comply. Rather than seeking to move from where we stand, we proudly recognize and embrace our true selves, symbolized by the metaphorical act of wearing our skirt. This signifies the importance of accepting who we are, rather than altering ourselves to meet external expectations.

This piece invites contemplation on the notions of acceptance and tolerance, prompting reflection on whether our path is already charted and if it’s worthwhile to resist the prevailing current. The metaphor of the skirt, in this context, symbolizes the embracing of our true selves, with all our idiosyncrasies. Wearing the skirt signifies an embracing stance, fostering acceptance towards ourselves and others. It acknowledges that diversity and open-mindedness is an inherent part of existence and that genuine freedom may reside in mutual acceptance.

“Three Images of Water” by Miguel Esteves

Three Images of Water, is a choreographic work with inspiration and research on the element of Water. In its density and creativity of new forms of movement, and also with the aim of reaching a new reality, three narratives are born that explore three “types of water” where I have already traveled and where I also had the opportunity to dive: Indian Ocean, Sea North (Baltic Ocean) and Atlantic Ocean. Each Sea/Ocean has its energy, temperature, density, depth, essence, beauty, clarity and strength.

Each of the three images speaks of its journey, symbolism, environment and reality. Three Images of Water, is a work created together and developed for eleven dancers.

The eleven dancers, still out of curiosity, symbolize a spiritual and intuitive number: they represent idealism, perfectionism, collaboration and clairvoyance. Being a group of 11 people, this same number is a number of strong magnetism, characterizing the most idealistic and inspiring people, with inventive capacity, who are capable of illuminating the world and people through their lofty ideas.


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