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“Woman” by Gonçalo Lobato

The fight for women’s rights has been a recurring theme around the world for decades, still facing numerous challenges.

Women have the right to equal treatment and opportunities as men, including access to education, employment and political representation, as well as to make their own choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health. However, the pay gap, gender violence and discrimination continue to be problems that affect them daily, preventing them from reaching their true potential and limiting their role, which is crucial in the development of society in all areas of life, namely in politics, economics, culture and arts, to which they can bring unique contributions. The promotion of gender equality and women’s rights is not just a matter of social justice, but something fundamental for the sustainable development of society.

We will explore the importance of women’s rights for society as a whole, the challenges in achieving them and the reasons to continue the fight for gender equality.

“Deep(in)” by Catarina Casqueiro

 “Deep(in)” takes us back the cloudy environment of a state of almost conscious unconsciousness, where the ambivalence of feeling generates doubt about what can become effectively real. 

An awakening of the mind in a dormant body leaves the limit between the experience of the unconscious, the dream state, as being effectively the truth.

Are they imagined forms? Perceived by everyone equally? We turn to the mirror to bring reality, but a confrontation emerges that is overcome by the need to go deeper and discover, or accept, that, beyond the reflection of form, there is a profound unknown.

“iCON” by Bruno Duarte

We turned on the jukebox. We recognize faces, gestures and bodies. Symbols follow one another, fired at high speed. They are references, they have quotation marks. We are obvious. Sometimes we shout our subtlety. We are iconic, look at us! Do you recognize us? Of course yes… everyone knows us. See, we live here, forever, immortal and unchanging. On the jukebox.


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