Come and play like your parents used to play!


Fragments of memory, jokes of my childhood memories games and mischief …

CHILD! Yes, I’ve been a child, like you … and played, behave myself like a clown and lots of laughter gave with my little friends.

Come on … come to know the games from other times.

Switch off the television, let go the computer games, and come, come jump, jump, come dance, come just for a moment…..

Come and play like I played, come play like your parents playing … you will see that you’ll love!

Memories will remain from what you will see – new games you will learn.

And in the end let me ask you:

Shall you playing?


Artistic Director: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography, Cenography, Light Design: Iolanda Rodrigues
Dancers: 7 dancers
Music: Raimond Lap, Renné Aubry, Yann Tiersen
Video and Edition: Tiago Ferreira
Technical Direction: Paulo Correia
Costumes: Liliana Mendonça
Photography: C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Público: over 3 years old
Duração: —


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