"While humanity asks for “help”, we spend our days on our couch …"


We live in the strangest and most unbelievable times of our age. This world of ours that moves at breakneck speed has finally “stopped” and humanity has isolated itself. We stopped running and the calendar “slowed down”, closed at home wondering if we still know what to do with the time that seems to be left…

These are contradictory times, full of paradoxes and which we never thought possible to happen on a global scale. We feel smaller and powerless to control our lives. We went from being able to experience, feel and smell any corner of the globe, to being confined in our homes watching everything from a screen.

We experience the illusion of proximity on the screen while real proximity is refused us. We cannot kiss, we cannot touch, we cannot move, we cannot live together and we cannot embrace those we love. We live in a time of “no”, of coldness and physical distance and we realize that everything we take for granted can disappear in seconds: we lost our freedom.

We have never been so far and yet so close at the same time. But we have also never been so alone and in need of each other’s help so much. We realize every day that we need to take care and be cared for and that differences lose meaning in the face of common difficulties, in the face of something greater that brings us together.

We lost our freedom but we won time; we lost our freedom but got a perspective on life; we lose our freedom but we gain a unique opportunity to meet again. While humanity asks for “help”, we spend our days on our couch …

Daniel Cardoso


Artistic Director, Concept and Choreography: Daniel Cardoso
Dancers: 6 Dancers
Music: Christian Loffler, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Kalakan and Ólafur Arnalds
Ballet Masters: Kim Potthoff and Rui Reis
Costumes, Light Design and Scenic Space: Daniel Cardoso
Scenography: Our special thanks to SERIP
Light Programming: Rui Daniel
Camera Operators: Hugo Gomes and Paulo Simões
Post-Production: Hugo Alexandre Gomes
Sound: Pedro Gonçalves
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida
Photography: C.Cardoso e Ana Rocha Néné


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 1h


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