A collaboration between three creators


The Quorum Ballet presents The Other Side, a piece with the principal objective of fusion the style and art of the dance from Lisbon and New York. It is the collaboration of Daniel Cardoso, Jonathan Hollander and Thaddeus Davis all artistic directors of their own companies.

The Other Side offers a novel experience because it is a full collaboration between the choreographers, in which their experiences are freely joined in a creative melange of three styles, producing an innovative artistic creation. The American composer Polar Levine has contributed an original score for this work.

In the first part of this performance each choreographer uses his own soloist to introduce his vision.

In the second part, the choreographers collaborate to explore the theme of oppression. This has always been an issue for people on both sides of the Atlantic. The work examines the roles of the different agents: the instigator, the oppressor, the oppressed and the observer.


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography: Daniel Cardoso, Jonathan Hollander e Thaddeus Davis
Cenography: Barry Steele e Daniel Cardoso
Dancers: 5 dancers
Original Music: Polar Levine
Light Design: Barry Steele e Carlos Arroja
Costumes: Escola de Moda de Lisboa
Photography: C. Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida


Audience: over 3 years old
Duration: 60 minutes (with intermission)


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