What If They All Ran Away?

"Who will answer your majesty's request? And thou? You won't be missing, will you?


Based on the work of Camille Saint Saëns “The Carnival of the Animals”

Strange, dangerous and bizarre objects appeared in nature. Day after day, there were more and more. The balanced and harmonious life was never the same.

The Lion, the king of the savannah, concerned about a possible stampede of the animals, scheduled an emergency meeting with all of them. It was necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible. Therefore, everyone’s presence was essential.

Who will answer your majesty’s request? And thou? You won’t be missing, will you?


Artistic Direction: Daniel Cardoso
Choreography: Filipe Narciso
Texts and Storryteller: Miguel Simões
Dancers: 5 dancers
Costumes: Maria Monte
Ilustration: Beatriz Graterol
MusicLe Carnaval des Animaux, Danse Macabre, Wedding Cake op. 76, Samson and Delilah-Bacchanale by Camille Saint-Saëns
Scenography: Maria Monte and Filipe Narciso
Light Design: Daniel Cardoso
Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida
Photography: C. Cardoso


Audience: over 6 years old
Duration: 45 minutes (including a small conversation with the public)


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