Beatriz GraterolDancer


    Beatriz Graterol was born in April 26th, 1999

    Native from Madeira Island, she began and completed her studies in Escola de Dança do Funchal between 2011 – 2017 in Basic and Secondary Course of Specialized Artistic Dance Education, completing the Vocational Exams of the Royal Academy of Dance (Merit and Distinction).

    In Funchal Dance School, she collaborated in the creative process and setup of some shows and was responsible for contemporary dance classes for children between 9 and 12 years old. She participated in several dance competitions.

    Between 2014 – 2017, she joined to Companhia Jovem ANIMAballet at Escola de Dança do Funchal, where she worked with Theresa da Silva C. (In The Begining | A Vida em Ritmos), Hélder Portelas (We Are Not Broken), Casey Lee Canada (Mocca ) and Daniel Cardoso (Running).

    As a student she worked with choreographers such as Vanessa Fernandes, Flávia Reis, José Nuno, Sara Anjo, Ricardo Mendes, Elisabete Monteiro, Hélder Portela, Pedro Augusto, Dimitra Poulos, Theresa da Silva C., Casey Lee Canada, Henrique Amoedo, Cristina Pereira, René Loui, Daniel Cardoso. She was invited to the pieces “Endless” and “Madeira” by Grupo Dançando com a Diferença, choreographed by Henrique Amoedo Artistic Director and also the piece “Fisga” by Casey Lee Canada.

    In March 2017 she became a member of the Quorum Ballet and since then has been dancing the entire company`s repertoire.

    As a professional dancer she has worked with Daniel Cardoso, Filipe Narciso, Inês Godinho, Xie Xin, Harold George, Lior Tavori, Bárbara Griggi and Elisabeth Gibiat.

    In 2019, she was invited to participate in the Ballet Beyond Border in Los Angeles where she won the 1st prize – solo and duet of contemporary and certificate of excellence for jury’s favorite dancer. She worked with Enrique Cantero and Ricardo Santiago, choreographers at the International Conservatory of Ballet and Dance in Leiria – Annarella Sanchez.

    In 2021 for the 20th anniversary of Teatro Aloés and 42nd anniversary of Amadora City Hall, she was invited to share the stage with the actress Elsa Valentim

    She also teaches contemporary, flexibility and fitness classes and workshops in several dance schools.


    Para questões relacionadas com espectáculos, patrocínios, estágios, intercâmbios, ou outros assuntos, por favor entre em contacto connosco.

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