Pedro AlvesDancer


    Pedro Alves was Born in Lisbon on September 9, 1998 and start dancing at the age of 9.

    Joined the National Conservatory Dance School in 2009, which completed in 2017, obtaining the certificate of professional dancer.

    In Conservatory he worked with several professors such as: Guilherme Dias, José Luís Vieira, Filipe Macedo, Gabriel Fratian, Luísa Vendrel, Sandra Correia, Catarina Moreira, Constança Couto, Liliana Mendonça, Pedro Carneiro, Mikhail Zavialov, Boris Storojkov, Michel Rebiffé and Henriqueta Pombeiro among others.

    During his studies in Conservatory, he was part of a tour of Turkey due to an agreement with the Luso-Turkish Association.

    In 2017 he was part of the project “INFINIMENT” by the company “Europa Danse Company” where he worked with several choreographers such as Mauro DiCandia, Laurent Drousie, Cayetano Soto (assistant), John Bliekendaal and Marco Goecke (assistant) in Belgium and France.

    In 2019 he take part of a play “The Painter” by Adriana Sá Couto where he worked with several actors and choreographer Lua Carreira.

    In September, he auditioned for Projecto Quorum 2019/2020 in Quorum Academy where he was accepted and has been working with choreographers Miguel Ramalho and Lua Carreira.

    Through Projecto Quorum he began as a trainee in Quorum Ballet Dance Company, where he has work since them.


    Para questões relacionadas com espectáculos, patrocínios, estágios, intercâmbios, ou outros assuntos, por favor entre em contacto connosco.

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