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    Born in Lagos, Nigeria, with Dutch and Japanese nationalities, Sylvia holds a Master’s Degree in Dance Teaching and a Specialist Title in Dance from the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Bachelor in Fine Arts from the The Juilliard School, and was nominated an Outstanding Young Dancer by Swiss dance critic Lilo Weber.

    As a dancer, Sylvia danced in small and large repertoire and author dance companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Portugal. As a dance-maker, she created group and solo works in Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Africa, using co-creative collaborations between dancers, visual artists, videographers and musical composers. As repetiteur and choreographic assistant, she worked closely with Portuguese choreographer Olga Roriz, building and setting several works for the Olga Roriz Dance Company, The National Ballet Company in Portugal, and Teatro Guaíra in Brazil.

    Interested in the intersection between the Science and the Arts, Sylvia enjoys collaborating with scientists and artists to explore her own dance-research interests in cognitive-linguistics, choreographic composition, real-time decision making and technology as a choreographic tool. Past collaborations include the following projects; BlackBox: Arts and Cognition at FSCH-Lisboa University in Lisbon (2018/22), where her research work was framed around attention and habitual movement patterns in dance using an invented method and Virtual Reality as a creative tool; Moving Digits: Augmented Dance for Engaged Audience (2019/20), where she could focus on motion capture and alternative body visualisations to enhance audience understanding and engagement in contemporary dance performances; The Choreographic Coding Lab  (2023) aimed at creative coding in dance practices, allowing her to bridge a creative gap between dance and Artificial Intelligence as a choreographic tool, and currently the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon funded IDI&CA2023 research project entitled BL Method, which is hosted at IADE University – Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication, where she continues to develop her movement typology in tension with Artificial Intelligence.

    Currently, Sylvia is on the Dance Faculty at the Superior School of Dance in Lisbon,  teaching within the Bachelor’s Degree Department and supervising a selection of Master’s Degree students in Dance Teaching.  She is also affiliated to the CFCUL – Center of Philosophy and Science at the University of Lisbon.


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