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“Recomposed seasons” is a second visit to the musical work “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi. The first took place in a pedagogical project, providing children with a trip through the characteristics of the seasons and their relationship with the human being, through the original version of Vivaldi.
This time, using the composite version of composer Max Richter, music is the protagonist, the conductor for the movements of the 13 dancers. They are the notes, the instruments, the melody translated in the bodies, the physical emotion of the music. The body has found movement through the exploration of axis, rotation, inclination, ellipse, line, sphere, distance, translation, and other physical and scientific actors that are at the origin of the dance between the Sun and Earth.

MESA” – by Daniel Cardoso.
The table. One of the most important objects in our society. A piece upon which great decisions are made – a place of conflicts of ideologies. A piece that pushes us to express ourselves freely and without any kind of worry or prejudice. Source of union and strengthening. It is a choreographic work inspired by this simple object, whose role often becomes preponderant in our lives. This piece integrates the repertoire of Quorum Ballet and has been adapted here for this young company.

INQUIETAÇÃO INTERIOR“, by Patrícia Henriques.


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